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100 Themes - 9 Citrus
9. Two Roads - CITRUS
She hates that she feels it, but her first reaction is anger. Anger that she wasn't the one to find it first.
The school is abuzz with the news of a cure, X-Men and recruits alike. The world is abuzz with it. The ethics and politics are all the news stations are talking about.
Cessy ignores it. She buries herself in the lab, working on her current project and almost misses Xavier's mandatory meeting on the subject. Nina and Amy find her glued to a microscope.
"The talk is starting soon," Amy says.
"Yeah, you're gonna miss it," Nina adds from the doorway.
"Everything he's going to say he heard from Professor McCoy and I heard it from him first," she says.
Nina shrugs and leaves and Amy is quiet long enough for Cessy to think she's left too. When she looks up though, she jumps to see she's still there.
"Are you looking at it?" Amy asks hesitantly. "The...cure? What does it look like?"
Cessy feels the anxiety itch over her skin, more than usual. She puts the microsco
:iconstrayphoenix:StrayPhoenix 2 3
100 Themes - 31 Mirage
31. Charge - MIRAGE
Leadership training is the only class Amy dislikes enough to try to skip. It's not just because leadership training is crazy stressful, and not just because it's Cyclops who does the program.
But Amy's excuses to get out of leadership training with Cyclops only last as long as it takes Rook to complain about why he has to train and she doesn't. Then she's in the line of fire too.
"But I'm never going to lead a team," she says when Cyclops has lined a group of them up at random in the Danger Room for training. "I'm never going to lead an X-Team. I'm never going to have to charge into battle or warn that the British are coming."
"We can announce ourselves, thank you," Nina deadpans.
"Regardless," Cyclops says loudly, over the rumble of discontent from those gathered. "It's mandatory to your X-Men training. If the designated leader is out of commission, each and every one of you must be ready to take up the X mantle and complete the mission at hand. Understood?"
They a
:iconstrayphoenix:StrayPhoenix 4 12
100 Themes - 61 Cuttlefish
61. Fighting Chance - CUTTLEFISH
Swim tryouts are the summer before school starts. Evelyn spends the days before going down the cliffs to the rocky beach under the institute with Amy and Russ and swimming laps in the ocean as fast and hard as she can while Amy times her and Russel alternates between reading a book and complaining.
"Wow," Amy says, shaking out the stopwatch to make sure it's not defective. "You should have tried out for the Olympics."
"I know," Evelyn says, perching on an outcrop of boulder like a mermaid. She smiles. "My mom's been telling me that since I was five."
"They won't let her now," Russel says. "She has a 'Genetic disadvantage'."
It had been all over the news. The London Summer Olympics had endured riots and pickets over the mutant controversy within its pool of athletes. Should previous gold-medalists discovered to be mutants give up their medals? What kind of testing could be done to weed out the mutants passing as humans? Should it be treated like substanc
:iconstrayphoenix:StrayPhoenix 4 5
100 Themes - 26 Kinetic
26. Fantasia - Kinetic
Movie night at the Institute is always, predictably, crazy. And while Russ is sure anything they watch would have had a better book, he gives in when Amy and Evelyn threaten to drag him down the stairs. All three flights.
Stools, folding chairs, boxes, and mounds of pillows are set up around the Annex TV and Eddie even drives a motorcycle in behind the couch so he and Ava can sit on it. Russ sits at the foot of the couch, as Evelyn perches on the arm and Amy arranges a pile of pillows on the other side.
Curtis comes around with a hat and slips of paper for people to cast their votes. He puts in "Harry Potter 1-8" like he does every week.
"What did you put?" Amy asks Evelyn, over his head.
"We haven't had a Disney movie in a while," she answers, ending her scribble in a flourish.
Curtis collects the slips back in the hat and shuffles them to the encouraging shouts of those gathered.
"Fantasia!" she says, reading off the slip.
There's a general grumble around him a
:iconstrayphoenix:StrayPhoenix 2 5
All the Single Mutants by StrayPhoenix All the Single Mutants :iconstrayphoenix:StrayPhoenix 8 43
The Ones We Left Alive 1:2
Issue One: Part the Second
Panel 1: Location shot. Xavier Institute, nighttime.
TEXT BOX: Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters, 22:00 EST
Panel 2: Close up of Cyclop's visor.
CYCLOPS: Absolutely NOT.
Panel 3: In the hallway leading to the sub-basement elevator, a crowd of New Recruits have gathered, all of them in full uniform to make their case. Ava, Muno, and Gunner stand out at the front, protesting.
INFO BOX: Ava Richter, "Antimatter". Oxidizing touch. Southern belle, killer right hook.
AVA: Yer out of yer flaming MIND!!
GUNNER: Of COURSE we're coming!
INFO BOX: Gunner Vincent, "Shepherd". Ovis touch. Not all sheepish himself.
Panel 4: A three quarter view of Cyclops, arms crossed and expression stern, also in full uniform. Behind him, the older X-Men and New Mutants board the elevator to the sub-basement.
CYCLOPS: No, actually, you're NOT.
CYCLOPS (cont): You're going to STAY here until we get back with your teammates.
:iconstrayphoenix:StrayPhoenix 3 30
The Ones We Left Alive 1:1
Ultimate Phase Six Comic
Issue One: Part the First
Panel 1: General Manticore stands silhouetted amid the ruins of the Area 51 army base as the sun sets in the desert behind him.
TEXT BOX: Ask any soldier who ever lived to tell a tale, and he'll tell you the same thing.
Panel 2: Flashback, grayscale. Evelyn is strapped down to a table, her face spiky, as she tries to fight back the chief Scientist who's aiming a large syringe at her as the building begins to shake and collapse all around them.
TEXT BOX: Wars aren't measured in battles.
INFO BOX: Evelyn Rivers, "Cuttlefish". Possesses all abilities of said cephalopod. Strapped to a table.
SCIENTIST: This happens NOW!
Panel 3: Back to the present, full color. Tight shot of Manticore's profile as he stares out into the desert, scowling, remembering.
TEXT BOX: They're measured in moments.
Panel 4: Flashback, grayscale. Russ throws his weight against the lab wall and it buckles under h
:iconstrayphoenix:StrayPhoenix 8 41
Secret Snowflake for Prydester by StrayPhoenix Secret Snowflake for Prydester :iconstrayphoenix:StrayPhoenix 9 60
OC Questionnaire - Cessy Gonzalez aka CITRUS
OC Questionnaire - Cessilia "Cessy" Gonzalez codename CITRUS
1) Choose one of your own characters (OC).
2) Make them answer the following questions.
3) Then tag three people.
4) Feel free to add some questions of your own.
1) What gender are you?
Female. Obviously. (Get contacts. Seriously.)
2) What is your age?
Sixteen but my IQ is so much higher I feel I should at least be the average of the two by now.
3) Do you want a hug?
Did you wash your hands?
4) Do you have any bad habits?
I scratch at my skin when it itches. Also, I chew on my hair when I'm thinking. Then I have to run and wash it the second I realize I'm doing it. (Bushy hair equals giant germ net)
5) What is your favorite food?
Smoothies. Any flavor EXCEPT CITRUS FLAVOR. I prefer the yogurt based ones.
6) What is your favorite ice-cream flavor?
Vanilla. It's safe and NOT CITRUS FLAVORED.
7) Are you a virgin?
Seriously, get contacts.
8) Have you killed anyone?
An entire orchard of orange trees and a citrus fruit or tw
:iconstrayphoenix:StrayPhoenix 2 38
Russel for Prydester by StrayPhoenix Russel for Prydester :iconstrayphoenix:StrayPhoenix 6 7 Total Drama Comeback LOGO by StrayPhoenix Total Drama Comeback LOGO :iconstrayphoenix:StrayPhoenix 21 25
AGNPD Playlist
The playlist and character descriptions I used to write "Any Given Non-Perilous Day" (as a deviation because it did not fit in my journal).
1. Russ: Glass is ALWAYS half-empty. This makes him perpetually mad at the glass.
Yellowcard's "Afraid"
2. Vivica: A better pick-me-up than pure unfiltered caffeine. Life of any party.
Benjamin Gate's "Lift Me Up (Far Away)"
3. Patrick: That quiet country boy next door. Needs prompting (usually from Viv) to string two sentences together.
Boyce Avenue's cover of "Superman"
4. Amy: Scared of her powers but more scared of losing her friends. Never feels like a third wheel.
Marie Digby's "Miss Invisible"
5. Muno: 'Shy' girls don't have pink hair. More outgoing than she herself knows.
Michelle Branch's "Breathe"
6. Rook: A panic attack waiting to happen. Hugging him will only make it worse.
Motion City Soundtrack's "Point of Extinction (Acoustic)"
7. E
:iconstrayphoenix:StrayPhoenix 5 26
Save the Last Dance for Moi
Starring (in order of appearance): Russ, Arina, Lucy, Curtis, Ava, Sam, Lee, Viv, Nina, Muno, Gunner, Rook, Eddie, Rok, Lillith, Rosie, Jenny, Cassie, Evee, Amy, Isaac, Marvin, Beck, SugarC, Rupert, Patrick, Dru, Zeik, Mello, Tristan, Stanley and Ian
Panel 1: Outside of Bayville High, the X-Bus lumbers like a T-Rex as it pulls up behind the long row of low, sleek, limos in front of the colorfully decorated school gymnasium. School students are going in already, fully dressed in their dancing attire. A couple stares curiously at the huge black bus.
Panel 2: Russell has just stepped off the X-Bus in (reluctant) full dance attire. Hands shoved deep in his pockets, shoulders hunched and lips pouting, he glances dubiously up at the welcome banner for the dance (off panel) as he muses on the torture it promises him for the next few hours. Behind him, Arina, Lucy, and Curtis get off the bus, chatting excitedly and compar
:iconstrayphoenix:StrayPhoenix 5 63
Rione Wallpaper by StrayPhoenix Rione Wallpaper :iconstrayphoenix:StrayPhoenix 1 0
Any Given Non-Perilous Day 5
For the Enjoyment of the participants of the Evo-Obsessed Club's AND the Brotherhood Club's OC Tournament and all of us who read and love it as we wait for the final round :D
Panel 1: At the Xavier mansion, a beautiful sun sets just off the cliff behind the mansion. Some time has passed since we last saw our heroes (and villains), and the New Recruits have made it home in one piece. From inside the part of the Mansion that is the AnneX, Nina talks to her friends.
NINA: (from inside AnneX) Cor blimey, I can't believe I take ONE non-perilous day to go shop in the city and all this happens!
Panel 2: Inside, Nina, Amy, and Evee walk up the staircase to the second floor of the AnneX. Nina is loaded down with shopping bags of various sizes and colors from her day in the city, but Evee and Amy are being good friends and helping her carry some as they fill her in on the day's happenings. Evee is still a spiny-multicolored-patchwork, dressed in an "Xavier Institute"
:iconstrayphoenix:StrayPhoenix 7 93
Any Given Non-Perilous Day 4
For the Enjoyment of the participants of the Evo-Obsessed Club's AND the Brotherhood Club's OC Tournament and all of us who read and love it as we wait for the final round :D
Panel 1: Outside of the Aquarium, the Hoodlings are standing around Lance's 'borrowed' jeep. Dru worriedly stands on the tops of her feet to see over the car to Mello on the other side, who is searching his pockets frantically but is pissed to discover he can't find their aquarium assignment. Closest to the car, Zeik coos to Hershey who wags his bone tail happily, having been waiting in the car while the five were in the Aquarium. Becca is just behind him fixing her watery make-up and we can see Lillith's back as she leans against the trunk.
DRU: But what do you mean you LOST it, Mello?
MELLO: I MEAN I had that sh*t on me five minutes ago and now I can't FIND it, Dru!
ZEIK: (coo, under breath) Who's a good animated Papillon mutt skeleton? You are! Yes, you ARE!
Panel 2: An annoyed Lilli
:iconstrayphoenix:StrayPhoenix 2 77

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United States
College student on the way to writing the Great American Novel with lots of fanfiction, poetry, and comic scripting along the way. And a bit of fanart thrown in as well as homage to dynamic characters and fascinating worlds I admire and hope to create some day as well :)

"Never give a brilliant person 'bright ideas'"

Favourite cartoon characters: Caleb & Cornelia, Phoenix & X23, Ron & Hermione, Duncan & Courtney, Gert & Old Lace, Aladdin & Jasmine
So I'm mostly retired from DeviantArt these days, but you'll be seeing a little more from me lately as Cid-Vicious will be doing story art for my ongoing TDI project "Machine Gun Blues" , a Bonnie and Clyde AU. 

I'm still relatively active on and recently got an AO3 so you can still find me there. If you leave me a note on here, I will eventually respond, but I don't really check on here with much regularity.

Best wishes to all my friends and fellow artists on here :D
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